LEHS - Log- and Exception-Handling System for ORACLE®

Version 2.5.1

  1. Bugfix: Log context has not been initialized due to incorrect SELECT INTO

Version 2.5

  1. added new Method resync_on_modification.

Version 2.4

  1. LEHS-1 (Bug): the Log-Application will now be uppercased before it calls the Appender-Log Procedure(s)
  2. LEHS-2 (Feature): The View LEHS_APPLICATIONS_VIEW will now use the Data-Dictionary View USER_ROLE_PRIVS instead of DBA_ROLE_PRIVS.
    Therefor the GRANT OPTION is no longer neccessary
  3. LEHS-3 (Bug): There was a Reference to the old Log-Destination within create_synonyms.sql and other Documents. These References have been removed
  4. LEHS-4 (Feature): The Procedure LOG_EXCEPTION plus Derivats (LOG_EXCEPTION_FATAL, LOG_EXCEPTION_ERROR, etc.) have been added to the Package PKG_WRAPPED_LEHS.
  5. LEHS-5 (Feature): a new Procedure CHANGE_MAX_LOG_LEVEL has been added to the Package PKG_LEHS_SYSTEM. So you can now change the maximum Log-Level of any Log-Appender after its Registration.
  6. LEHS-6 (Bug): The Procedures PKG_LEHS_LOG_INTERNAL.add_topic and PKG_LEHS_LOG_INTERNAL.move_topic hadn't the Pragma AUTONOMOUS_TRANSACTION. This Pragma has now been added.
  7. LEHS-8 (Bug): Own Exceptions raised by the Procedures PKG_WRAPPED_LEHS.handle_exception_and_log_* have not been raised.

Version 2.3.3

  1. The Patch-Scripts of Version 2.2 and 2.3 had some Errors (didn't enabled the SET DEFINE ^). Special Thanks to Mr. Petrik
  • Forgot the Patch-Script for Version 2.3.2
  • Version 2.3.2

    1. Now every User assigned to either the Role DBA and/or LEHS_ADMIN are allowed to log to every Log-Application

    Version 2.3.1

    1. Table Appender (Package: PKG_LEHS_TABLE_APPENDER) now logs the Start- and the End-Time of the Transaction with SYSTIMESTAMP instead of SYSDATE
    2. Now there exists a patching Mechanism. So you can upgrade your LEHS Version to the next higher Version (i.E. use File patch_2.3.sql if you want to upgrade LEHS Version 2.2 to 2.3)
    3. lehs_createall.sql haven't compiled the new Package PKG_WRAPPED_LEHS.

    Version 2.3

    1. Bugfix while creating the Table LEHS_APPLICATIONS (a missing Semikolon has lead to a failed Installation)
    2. New Function PKG_LEHS_SYSTEM.get_version and PKG_LEHS.get_version which returns the installed Version of LEHS

    Version 2.2

    1. The Name of the Application can now be shown in the Prefix of a raised Exception (by calling PKG_LEHS.handle_exception, PKG_LEHS.handle_exception_and_log or PKG_WRAPPED_LEHS.handle_exception_and_log)
    2. This Behaviour can be controlled by a Switch on the Application Level (PKG_LEHS_SYSTEM.add_application or PKG_LEHS_SYSTEM.change_application)
    3. The Methods PKG_LEHS.is_named_exception and PKG_LEHS.get_last_exception_name take care of this new Switch

    Version 2.1.1

    1. Bugfix on PKG_LEHS_SYSTEM.get_metadata: Several programmable Log-Levels on the same Log-Level had lead to wrong Metadata.

    Version 2.1

    1. New Package PKG_WRAPPED_LEHS for the Usage within Wrapper Packages/Procedures.
    2. New View LEHS_LEVELS to get the Log-Levels of all allowed Applications.

    Version 2.0.2

    1. Bugfix: Couldn't create a Log-Level without a Predecessor.
    2. Bugfix: Couldn't create a Log-Topic without a Predecessor.
    3. Added some new Wrapper-Methods at PKG_LEHS_FORMAT

    Version 2.0.1

    1. Bugfix: Wrong Installation Routine (&username has not been replaced by the Installation User because of SET DEFINE OFF in Script plsql/lehs_createall.sql. This has lead to an endless Loop in Package PKG_LEHS_LOG_INTERNAL.
    2. Bugfix: Wrong Initialization when no Exception Log-Level has been set

    Version 2.0

    1. Security follows now the Priciple of the Least Privilege (as recommended by Oracle®). That means, a newly created Log-Application is not visible to any Database User.
      Also added the Ability to grant to the Pseudo-User PUBLIC.
    2. Added Assertions (PKG_LEHS.assert, PKG_LEHS.assert_*)
    3. Exceptions can now be logged with a definable Log-Level or with a programmable Log-Level (added for PKG_LEHS.handle_exception_and_log and for PKG_LEHS.log_exception)
    4. Replaced the Concept of Log Destinations by the Concept of Log Appender with the new Open Appender Architecture (look at LEHS Appender Packages). By this Concept it is possible to write own Appender Package and add it to an existing Log-Application as an Appender.
    5. Redesign of the internal Memory Structure to read only the Log-Applications with all its required Information which really will be used by any Application
    6. Added new Datatypes for Transaction Keys Transaction Keys have the same Datatypes available as the Appender Parameters.
    7. New View LEHS_APPLICATIONS_VIEW (available by public Synonym LEHS_AVAILABLE_APPLICATIONS) which shows all Log-Applications available for the actual DB-User.
      All other public Views will now use this View as a Security Base:

    Version 1.3

    1. Bugfix: The Relation of Users and Roles was not correctly splitted within the Views
    2. Documentation Update: Worked not correctly with Internet Explorer

    Version 1.2

    1. Complete Redesign of the Table Names
    2. Redesign of the Synonym Structure
    3. new programmable Log-Level TRACE
    4. new Log-Destination APPLICATION_INFO
      This shows the Log-Message on the dynamic View V$SESSION
    5. PKG_LEHS.log_exception can Log also user defined named Exceptions
    6. PKG_LEHS.is_named_exception now checks, if the Message of SQLERRM(SQLCODE) is the same as defined by the given named Exception
    7. Added the Procedure PKG_LEHS.assert to raise an Exception due to a failed Assertion
    8. new *-enabled Functions

    Version 1.1

    1. Initial Version of LEHS