LEHS - Log- and Exception Handling System for ORACLE

LEHS - Log- and Exception Handling System for ORACLE

Version: 2.5.1

The following Table gives you an Overview about the used DB-Tables
Name Type Description
LEHS_APPLICATIONS Table Here all Log-Applications are registered. Also the Exception Log-Level and the Switch to show the Application Name in the SQLERRM of raised Exceptions.
LEHS_APPLICATION_PRIVS Table Log-Application Privileges to DB-Uses and/or DB-Roles
LEHS_APPENDER Table All Log Appenders
LEHS_APPENDER_PARAMETERS Table All Log Appender Parameters
LEHS_LOG_LEVELS Table Free defined Log Levels to the Log-Applications
LEHS_LOG_LEVELS_PROGRAMMABLE Table Assignments of Log-Levels to programable Log-Levels to the Log-Applications
LEHS_TOPICS Table Log-Topics to the Log-Applications
LEHS_TRANSACTIONS Table Requested Log-Transactions to the Log-Applications and its State (OPEN or CLOSE)
LEHS_TRANSACTION_KEYS Table All additional Transaction Keywords, which have been added by PKG_LEHS.add_transaction_keys
LEHS_EXCEPTION_MESSAGES Table Exception Messages to the Log-Application
LEHS_LOG_TABLE_BASIC Table Log-Table for the Logs of the Log-Application 'Log-Application'
LEHS_TRANSACTION_SEQUENCE Sequence Sequence for the Log-Transactions
LEHS_LOG_TABLE_BASIC_SEQUENCE Sequence Sequence for the Log-ID of the Log-Application 'Log-Application' (used for the Field LOG_TABLE_BASIC.log_id)
LEHS_TOPICS_VIEW View Allowed Log-Topics
LEHS_LOGS_VIEW View Allowed Log-Entries
LEHS_LOG_LEVELS_VIEW View Allowed Log-Levels
LEHS_TRANSACTIONS_VIEW View Allowed Log-Transactions

By installing the Log-System the following Objects should be granted to the User PUBLIC

The following Objects should be granted to a newly created Role LEHS_ADMIN

For any Appender Developers the following Objects should be directly granted to these Users

The following public Synonyms should be created


LEHS - Log- and Exception Handling System for ORACLE

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